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Day wise Itinerary

From customized tours to thrilling adventure activities, this itinerary whisks you away on an epic adventure through the majestic Himalayas, encompassing charming hill stations, breathtaking valleys, ancient monasteries, and dramatic landscapes. We tailor every detail to make your travel dreams come true. Join us for a journey youโ€™ll never forget!

Day 01: Shimla To sarahan

Day 02: Sarahan to Nako:

Day 03: Nako to Kaza:

Day 04 Kaza to Reckong Peo:

Day 05: Reckong Peo to Shimla:

Day 01: Shimla to Sarahan

Start a bit early from Shimla on Day 1 to reach Sarahan well in time. Take the road towards Rampur and a little after Narkanda, you will get your first view of Sutlej river. You will be traveling right alongside the river for rest of the day. Have your lunch at Rampur and from there, continue towards Jeori. At Jeori, leave the highway and take the 16 kms long bifurcation towards Sarahan. It is quite a steep climb and the bifurcation is right near the bus stand at Jeori. Sarahan is a small but beautiful town famous for Bhimakali temple, dedicated to the mother goddess Bhimakali. There is also a bird sanctuary at Sarahan that is worth a visit, but remains closed from April until late July due to bird mating season. Total Distance - 165 KM.

Day 02: Sarahan to Chitkul

From Sarahan, return back to Jeori and continue on the highway again towards Karchham. At Karchham, leave the highway again and take the diversion towards Sangla. From here, you will enter the beautiful Sangla valley. Stay on the road until it ends at the small village of Chitkul. You will also cross Sangla on your way which is also quite a famous town. Lot of people chose to stay here but I will recommend Chitkul. There is an ATM at Sangla in case you want to withdraw cash. Karchham is the site for a huge dam on river Sutlej which you will see as you go towards Chitkul. Sangla is famous for Nages god temple and Kamru Fort. Chitkul is a beautiful small village located right next to Baspa river. Road will mostly remain bad all the way till Chitkul. At several stretches, there will not be a road at all and you will end up driving on dirt trails. Total distance covered would be 125 kms approximately and will take 6-7 hours easily.

Day 03: Chitkul to Nako

From Chitkul, return all the way till Karchham and continue towards Powari. From Powari, leave the highway once again and take the diversion towards Reckong Peo and continue towards Kalpa. Foreign nationals visiting Spiti need to obtain a permit here at Reckong Peo. Kalpa is famous for the majestic view of Kinner Kailash. If you are short on time, you can skip this day and continue towards Nako from Chitkul. Total distance covered from Chitkul to Nako would be about 150 kms and will not take more than 5 hours at most. Roads are bad throughout except for a few last kilometers around Reckong Peo and Kalpa. Reckong Peo has a petrol pump that you can tank up at.

Day 04: Nako to Kaza

Destination for today will be Kaza but you will be visiting the village of Dhankar as well on the way. Primary attraction at Dhankar are the two, Old and new, Dhankar monasteries. There is also a lake near Dhankar but to visit there, you will have to do a bit of trekking, a couple of hours. Kaza is approximately 115 kilometers from Nako and 60 from Tabo. Road is a mix of good and average so you can do this journey at ease, no need to rush. At most a 4-5 hours journey from Nako.See the confluence of Spiti and Satluj rivers at Khab. The bridge at Khab also offers a great view of Leo Purygal Peak. A few kilometers before Tabo, you will come across a cemented gate on your right and road heading towards Gue village. This site is famous for a 650 year old Mummy located here and is worth a visit. From the gate, it is an 8 kms drive to the village. The temple where the Mummy is placed is on a hilltop and is hard to miss once you have reached the village. You can also ask any of the locals and they can point you in the right direction. After visiting the temple, drive back 8 kms to the highway and continue towards Tabo. Primary attraction at Tabo is the Tabo Monastery which is said to be over a thousand years old. Just before Nako is the much dreaded and famous Malling Nallah

Day 05: Kaza โ€“ Kibber โ€“ Tashigong โ€“ Langza โ€“ Koumik โ€“ Kaza

You will spend this day in Kaza, travelling the places around. Visit the famous Ki monastery and take a drive to the nearby villages of Kibber, Tashigong, Langza, Kaumik and return to Kaza by evening. This area is famous for some very old fossils that were found here. Tanggyud monastery in Koumik is worth a visit. Langza offers a great view of Chau Chau Kang Nelda peak. There is also a large Buddha statue here which is quite magnificent. Please do note that if you are short on time, you can skip this day.

Day 06: Kaza to Chandratal

After Kaza, the roads will start to get bad to the point that it will become a nightmare to cross. Chandratal is at about a distance of 60 kms from Kaza. Head towards Losar, then to Kunzum Pass which will be your first high altitude pass in the journey so far. After you cross the Kunzum Pass top, you will notice a signboard and small road going towards Chandratal, a stretch of 14 kms. Turn on this road to reach Chandratal and check in to one of the several camp sites here. All the camps however are at about 3 kilometers distance minimum from Chandratal and to reach the lake, you will have to cover this last bit of distance on foot as vehicles are not allowed after a certain point. Roads will remain mostly bad throughout the day.

Day 07: Chandratal to Manali

Manali is only at a distance of 122 kms from Chandratal but make no mistake; this journey will easily take 7-8 hours, even more. You will be driving through the worst patch of road that you have ever encountered in your life. From Chandratal, reach back to Kunzum Pass, then head towards Batal. At Batal, you will take the road towards Gramphoo and then start on your ascent to second high altitude pass of the journey, Rohtang La. From there, it is a straight run to Manali. Total Distance - 165 KM.

Day 08: Manali to Shimla

Nothing too add here really except for a long monotonous drive back to Shimla. This rrive can take anywhere between 7-9 hours depending on your mode of travel, speed and breaks you take. After reaching Shimla stay overnight at hotel and relax with sweet memories of your tour. This is a rough layout of the journey including the known tourist attractions that you should keep on your โ€œto visitโ€ list. If you have more time in hand, you can chose to either spend a day more at Kaza, or stay at Mud village and enjoy the beauty of PIN valley, or stay at Mane village and trek to beautiful Sopona Lake.

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