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Sunday, 03 June 2018 / Published in Bike

Journey to hills is always fascinating. However, it’s bike rides that make it special. Feeling the chilly wind passing through our body while looking at the breathtaking views of nature is the best thing one can do.

So, if you’re also looking forward to book a bike during your vacation in Shimla, brace up. We know a place from where you can rent motorcycle on affordable rates, Shimla Riders. They’re one of the most trusted bike rental agencies in Shimla, who are giving bikes on rent since over a decade.

Why Shimla Riders?

Is this question is still popping inside your head? Well, I have lots of information that will give. Have a look for yourself:

  1. Largest Inventory of Bikes and Riding Gears

Shimla Riders has a giant collection of over 500 bikes, including Avengers, Royal Enfield Bullets, Ducati, and Harley Davidson bikes. So, you can find just about every kind of motorcycle here, be it a sports bike or a bullet to ride the hills.

Yet another interesting thing is that all the bikes owned by Shimla riders are tried, tested, and recommended by experts. SO

  1. Over 10 years’ experience in renting bikes for tours

Shimla Riders has been renting bikes for trips to Leh Laddakh & Kullu-Manali and events like Raid De Himalaya since over a decade. So, you can completely trust them.

  1. Courteous staff

Yet another speciality of Shimla Riders is its courteous staff, which is willing to help customers at any hour of the day. Just call them and they will be ready to do anything for you.

Also they’re available 24×7 on phone.

  1. Affordable rates

You don’t have to worry about your budget while renting bikes from Shimla Riders. Rates are pretty affordable.

So, are you interested in renting a bike from Shimla Riders? Let us know in comments!

Sunday, 03 June 2018 / Published in Bike

Who doesn’t want to ride a bike in hills?

Feeling the cool fresh wind, while enjoying the breathtaking view of nature is something that makes the whole journey special. You actually feel yourself close to Mother Nature.

It’s something which every tourist dreams for.

So, like other tourists, if you also want to make your trip to Shimla special by renting a bike in Shimla, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Booking bikes for rent in Shimla is easier than you can even imagine. All you need is to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1.Go to www.shimlariders.com

Step 2.Visit the bikes section, scroll through the list of bikes, and choose the one you want to purchase

Step 3.Click on Rent Now option, provide your address, and select a payment method

Step 4. Finally, proceed to checkout

Congratulations! You’ve just rented out a bike for yourself. It will be soon delivered at your doorstep. So, enjoy!

Important Note:You can also take riding gears on rent from Shimla Riders. Just visit the online store option and follow the same procedure.

Sunday, 03 June 2018 / Published in Bike

June 13, 2015!

Memories of this day are still fresh in my mind. I along with friends had planned a trip to Himachal Pradesh. Like other people who have spent whole life in Delhi, we were pretty excited to experience the charm of hills and see what it looks like to spend time in the lap of Mother Nature.

Althoughas excited we were, there were lots of things going in our mind. Where will we stay? How will we travel? Which places we’ll visit? What will be the budget? – We didn’t have any clue.

All we had was a little research we had done on Google. Although, relying on the Internet wasn’t wise at all. We had heard about several incidents when hotels showed something but were something else in real. Hence, we decided to contact someone who belongs from Himachal.

And we knew such person!

Vimal, a colleague. He belonged to Shimla and knew people there. Hence, he could prove a lot helpful.

“Himachal is heaven and you’ll love staying there.” These were his exact words when we told him of our plan and then he shared details of some hotels which could offer great discount and people who could prove helpful there.

One name Vimal shared with us was of Shimla Riders, a motorcycle rental agency based in Shimla. He told that we could take any bike on rent from there on affordable rates till the time we stay there.

Did you what did it mean?

A golden ticket for endless enjoyment. Driving the bike in hills at full speed while feeling the cold breeze on body. Who doesn’t want to do that? Our journey was definitely going to be worth remembering for lifetime, we just felt that.

Anyway, the next day we were in Shimla. The plan was to stay here for 1 day, visit the city, and then ride to Manali, another hill station in Himachal Pradesh before we could return to Delhi again.

For this, we needed bikes.

Hence, we contacted Shimla Riders and booked 4 Royale Enfield Bullets as soon as we reached our rest house.

The person on phone was very courteous. He promised to deliver the bikes at the address of our rest house.

But we didn’t want to take any chance.

Hence, we asked if we could visit his place, which he gladly agreed.

Next day!

We visited their address in Balleuganj. Mr ­­­­______ (Owner & Managing Director of Shimla Riders) was already present there. A jovial man in his early 30s, he cheerfully greeted us and asked to have a seat.

After having a great chat along with Masala tea and hot samosas, he took us to his inventory where there were an antique collection bikes: Avenger Bikes, Hero Honda Bikes, Royal Enfield Bullets, and Harley Davidsons.

As decided we booked 4 Royal Enfield Bullets, which he issued after some paperwork and we were all set to go.

Mr. ­­­­­­_____ even gave reference of a friend who owned a hotel in Manali and could offer us a stay at reasonable rate. Our major problem had almost been solved.

Anyway, we said out goodbyes to Mr. _______ and begin our journey towards Manali and what can I say about our journey.

It was epic!

The bikes were well-maintained. We didn’t experience any problem while riding. They were moving smoothly even on the sloppiest roads. Cool breeze passing through our ears was appearing like a symphony. It was like the time had just stopped. It was the best time we were having.

Anyway, after reaching Manali, we stayed in the hotel suggested by Shimla Riders MD. Not only they offered us great discount but quality services during our stay as well. Next, we visited the city, explored some places, and then returned back.

When we reached Shimla back, Mr. _______ again contacted us and asked about our stay in Manali. Also, seeing that we were tired and couldn’t come to return the bikes, he personally came to our address along with staff to pick up the bikes. Seriously, Shimla Riders had won our heart with their courtesy and helpful nature. We were definitely not going to forget them and what they did for us.

That’s why every time I visit Shimla, I contact Shimla Riders to rent a bike (I have visited Shimla 4 times since then and even spent my honeymoon here). I can completely trust on them.

Perhaps you can trust them as well. But first you need to book their rides and experience their services.